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by Will Rohleder, 24/7 Disaster Group – Tulsa’s # 1 Fire, Water & Storm Damage Restoration Contractor!

…“It’s the point basically when the twister… sucks you up. That’s not the technical term for it, obviously”.

Phillip Seymour Hoffman (aka Dusty) delivered this line with such eloquence in the Hollywood Blockbuster movie Twister, it’s a wonder he didn’t win an Academy Award for it. Just kidding, because if you watch the movie today it is so terribly cheesy you want to change the channel, but more often than not find you can’t!

To get to the point, spring storm season is just around the corner, which means wind damage, water damage, hail damage, and yes the possibility of the dreaded Twister. As a home or business owner, you don’t want to get caught in the post-storm “Suck Zone”… a world full of un-knowns: Who do I call? When will the adjuster be here? Is this part covered? Do I have to wait for an adjuster before clean up begins? Why does this insurance estimate seem low? And the worst part… an underperforming restoration contractor!

Obviously, our answer to all these questions is for you to call 24/7 Disaster Group for any fire, water or storm damage event in the Tulsa area (918-779-4900 by the way), but let’s walk through a few steps and answer some frequent questions we get asked:

Q: When was the last time you reviewed your insurance policy? Especially when it comes to the contents coverage of fire, water or storm damage: furniture, dishes, audio/video equipment, books, jewelry, etc.

A: This is a question you will actually have to answer for yourself, but we recommend looking over your fire, water and storm damage insurance coverage on an annual basis. It’s amazing how personal possessions accumulate over time and might not be covered in your policy because the value of the possessions has not been updated. We also recommend taking 10 minutes to photograph the inside and outside of your home and save them to a cloud based file. This can cut down on weeks of documenting personal items for insurance in the case of a full loss from a tornado or even a fire or water damage catastrophe.

Q: When will the adjuster be here? And, Do I have to wait for an adjuster before clean up or work begins?

A: In most cases an insurance adjuster will be on site within 24 to 48 hours of a fire, water or storm damage event in Tulsa. In catastrophic storm damage events such as large tornadoes or hurricanes, it might take a week or two before an insurance adjuster reaches the site, mainly due to the volume of storm damage and calls for loss coverage. You do not have to wait for an insurance adjuster to visit the site to begin any board up or mitigation work from a fire, water or storm damage loss. This mitigation work could be tarping a roof, extracting standing water from rain, or placing drying equipment to dry down affected building materials and contents from water damage. The key is to stabilize the structure to prevent secondary or further fire, water or storm damage. Note: this is not the same with a fire or fire and smoke damage in the Tulsa area or any area for that matter. Cause and Origin have to be determined with a fire and resulting fire and smoke damage, so it is best not to touch anything until the insurance company and fire department give the OK.

Q: Why does the insurance estimate provided by the adjuster seem low?

A: There could be multiple reasons, but here are two we see: 1) Depreciation costs are typically not paid until the work is complete, then full value is paid. 2) The estimating systems used might not account for a specific grade of material or labor time for specialty product installation. We see this on higher end residences and building facilities. In this case market rates need to be presented to the adjuster.

Q: How do I choose the right Tulsa fire, water or storm damage restoration contractor?

A: Do research! Don’t sign a contract with the first insurance restoration contractor to knock on your door, or the first fire, water or storm damage contractor your insurance company sends out. This doesn’t mean there are not good contractors who go door to door, not all are fly by night types, but this also doesn’t mean the insurance contractor won’t cut corners to save a buck since they have to work at discounted rates. Fire, water and storm damage in Tulsa are extremely common occurrences and choosing the right restoration contractor is important. Again, do research!

The right contractor can make all the difference. In storm damage restoration it is key for the contractor

to take on the role of a “building investigator”. This is what sets 24/7 Disaster Group apart from other

restoration and construction companies. For a simple example, let’s look at a major hail and wind

storm damage event: Our techs will look well beyond the exterior roof and siding damage; we use thermal imaging cameras and the latest moisture detection technology to investigate the inside of the attic, walls, and other building components to make sure damage is not overlooked that might result in future microbial growth or air quality issues.

24/7 Disaster Group is the best Tulsa fire, water or storm damage restoration contractor. We are a one stop shop, one call, full service turnkey restoration contractor for storm and wind damage in Tulsa and the surrounding communities. Our techs and project managers have the most fire, water and storm damage restoration knowledge and decades of experience in restoring residential, multi-residential, commercial, institutional and industrial buildings and facilities in Tulsa.

No one wants to experience a loss when it comes to fire, water or storm damage and unfortunately these problems tend to pop up at the absolute worst time. So, until next time, find us at www.247DisasterGroup.com, stay out of the “Suck Zone”, and don’t hesitate to call us when in need of water, fire, or storm damage restoration.