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Fire & Smoke

Fire DamageDon’t let a fire wreak havoc on your home
and your schedule. Let us do the work.

Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration

1 Hour Emergency Response – Satisfaction Guaranteed

A fire can be one of the most traumatizing events to happen at your home or business. After emergency crews have left and everyone is safe, 24/7 Disaster Group’s professional fire and smoke damage restoration services will quickly help you get back on track in order to open your doors again.

Secondary Fire & Smoke Damage

After a fire the extent of smoke and soot damage in some areas may be extreme and visible but other smoke and soot damage may not be noticeable to the untrained eye. Secondary damage can quickly be caused from a fires smoke and soot resulting in stains setting in, mold to form, and corrosion buildup to certain surfaces. For instance, cleaning soot and residue from bathroom plumbing fixtures immediately can prevent pitting of their surfaces so replacement will not be needed.

  • Emergency Board-Up
  • Select Containment
  • Corrosion Mitigation
  • Hard Surface Cleaning
  • Emergency Roof Tarp
  • Select Demolition
  • Structural Stabilization
  • Types of Fire & Smoke Damage

Fires can produce different types of smoke damage depending on the fuel or the source of the fire and properly classifying the type of smoke damage will determine how the fire restoration work will be performed. Smoke can travel or move in different directions depending on materials to be consumed, air flow, temperatures and surrounding structures. Smoke will also tend to migrate to cooler areas and differing verticals layers of a building. Smoke might also travel through electrical, plumbing and mechanical branch services. Finding all smoke damage is critical in eliminating long term odors.

  • Wet Smoke Damage and Residue
  • Dry Smoke Damage and Residue
  • Protein Smoke Damage and Residue
  • Fuel Oil Smoke Damage and Residue
  • Fire & Smoke Damage Cleanup

24/7 Disaster Group uses the most advanced equipment in the industry to clean up soot and debris damage from a fire at your home or business. After the structure is stabilized from the fire and smoke damage and the site is safe to enter a plan will be implemented to evaluate the site, clean what is salvageable, and protect the building environment.

  • Extraction of Fire Department or Fire Sprinkler System Water
  • Ash, Soot and Debris Removal
  • Odor Control
  • Air Purification
  • Negative Air Environment
  • Thermal Fogging
  • Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration & Reconstruction

24/7 Disaster Group in not just a fire & smoke damage cleanup service. We are a full-service turnkey restoration contractor. Once fire & smoke damage cleaning is complete the build back can begin.

  • Architectural Design
  • Structural Engineering
  • Reconstruction Services
  • Ground Up New Construction
  • Demolition Services
  • Insurance Claim Assistance
  • Fire & Smoke Damage – Cause and Origin

24/7 Disaster Group’s fire restoration technicians know the Cause and Origin of the fire must be determined before mitigation, cleanup or demolition can begin. The Cause and Origin are typically determined by the attending fire marshal and then the insurance company can decide to send additional investigators or release the scene. The cause and origin of a fire are important to determine if the fire was an accident or maybe the result of a malfunction in a device or product. For example, if a fire is determined to be a malfunctioning part in a recently installed furnace, the insurance company has the chance to subrogate against the manufacturer for the cost of the loss, which in turn typically recovers the cost of the deductible paid out of pocket by the owner.

Tulsa’s Best Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration Technicians

24/7 Disaster Group’s fire and smoke damage restoration technicians are industry certified by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification or IICRC and are highly trained in loss procedures and work protocols to expertly restore your property from fire and smoke damage.

  • Industry Certified
  • Highly Trained
  • Knowledge of Building Construction
  • Think Outside the Box
  • Continuing Education
  • Courteous and Well Groomed
  • Safety Conscious
  • Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration to Contents and Belongings

Our professional, certified content restoration techs will evaluate, inventory, clean, and pack out the contents of your home or business. Depending on the size and type of the fire and smoke loss our techs can dry and clean contents on site or provide transportation and offsite climate controlled storage to further protect your belongings.

  • Content Cleaning
  • Climate Controlled Storage
  • Evaluate Salvage vs Replacement
  • Inventory
  • Pack Out and Move Back
  • Final Cleaning
  • Deodorization
  • Fire & Smoke Damage Drying

24/7 Disaster Group has the most state of the art tools and equipment to dry down your home or business from the fire department or fire sprinkler system putting out a fire.We use moisture meters, humidity meters, thermo-hygrometers, infrared cameras and other devices to fully detect all water damage. Once our techs scope the water damage from the fire, we employ the same latest psychrometric drying science as a normal water leak to calculate and chart successful water drying. The moisture content, relative humidity, grain depression, vapor pressure, specific humidity and dew point of the structure and contents are all documented to ensure proper drying.

  • Air Scrubbers
  • Oder Elimination
  • Dehumidification
  • Structural Drying
  • Content Drying, Cleaning and Storage
  • Air Movers
  • Heat Injection
  • Fast dry-out
  • 24/7 Guarantee – What You Can Expect

24/7 Disaster Group has decades of experience in fire and smoke damage restoration services. Our services cover any type of smoke and water damage or water leak from partial reconstruction to complete demolition and rebuild. The size of the smoke and fire damage loss can change, but 24/7 Disaster Group’s knowledge, attention to detail and customer service never remain the same. We rely on happy customers and word of mouth advertising to continually grow our business. Therefore we say simply, Satisfaction Guaranteed.

  • 1 Hour Emergency Response
  • Best Customer Service
  • Knowledgeable Techs
  • Care for Your Belongings
  • State of the Art Fire & Smoke Damage Remediation
  • Proper Documentation
  • Continuous Communication
  • 24/7 Disaster Group Communication and Planning

24/7 Disaster Group has an app and desktop portal customers can utilize to stay up to date on the progress of their project. Project documents, photos and information are kept on file for customers to review. On remodel and reconstruction projects customers can make selections, review change orders and see daily jobsite photos.

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