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When you own a business with a physical location, you know there are risks-including a fire. Fires can happen due to several reasons, including natural causes such as lightning strikes, accidents caused by employees, or sometimes incidents such as arson. No matter how they start, rescuing people involved as well as putting the fire out quickly are the immediate concerns. But once the fire is out and the damage can be assessed, it can feel overwhelming to many business owners. How can a commercial fire damage restoration company help you in this situation?

Meet Immediate Needs

Once the fire is extinguished, there are typically immediate needs to address. Working with a company that can respond quickly in a time of disaster is essential to securing your surviving resources and getting your business functional again. If you’ve been lucky enough to not experience a complete disaster, some resources need to be secured from looters. You may appreciate assistance working with utility companies to cut power, gas, phone, or internet services temporarily until your facility is operational.

Conduct a Comprehensive Assessment

After immediate needs are addressed, a quality restoration company should perform a complete assessment of your property and its resources. They will help inventory any salvageable items and ensure they are then stored and cleaned properly. While fire damage is usually apparent, smoke damage can be somewhat more challenging to identify, so having a professional inspection for smoke impact is a wise decision. Commercial restoration resources can also help with possible recovery of documents and media, possibly enabling you to continue some degree of business operation while your property is restored.

Complete Restoration Work

Do WhileIf your facility has been deemed salvageable, a reputable company will clear out any debris and then clean your property thoroughly from top to bottom. This will likely include any interior systems, such as HVAC and ductwork, to ensure they are fully operational going forward. Damaged pieces of your property can be rebuilt with assistance from expert architects or engineers as required. The goal is to get your property’s interior and exterior back to its pre-fire state as quickly as possible.Loop

If you would like help either restoring your business after a fire or creating a pre-disaster plan in the event of any emergency to come, the 24/7 Disaster Group in Tulsa, OK. is ready to get started working with you!