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Living in the Tulsa, OK area means accepting that there are going to be major storms throughout the year. With the increasing frequency of small and large tornadoes, hail storms, rain, and major windstorms, damage to homes and commercial properties in the area is on the rise.

At 24/7 Disaster Group, we understand how devastating these storms can be. For this reason, we focus on working with all of our customers impacted by severe weather to initially address the damage to secure the rest of the home or business and then complete the repairs needed.

Working Around the Clock

Our storm damage restoration teams are available around the clock. After all, storms do not just cause problems during business hours. Many of the homeowners and business owners we work with have been told by their insurance companies that adjusters will not be available for days or weeks, but that does not mean we cannot start working on your property to prevent further damage.

We can provide the necessary documentation required when the insurance adjuster is delayed, and our years in business allow us to have a great working relationship with the insurance companies in the area.

Initial Services

The first thing storm damage restoration crews will do is to assess the amount of damage. This allows us to determine what needs to be done to prevent more rain, hail or wind damage to the home or commercial building.

We can then supply tarps and secure them in place, board up windows and even remove trees and limbs from the building, which is critical. We can respond quickly in and around the Tulsa, OK area when this type of damage occurs.

Once the emergency situation has been addressed, we can evaluate the full storm damage restoration needs. We can work with homeowners and commercial property owners to fully repair or even remodel or rebuild their property, and we have decades of experience in these areas.

Storms can be devastating and cause extensive destruction. If your home or commercial building has been damaged, give us a call at 918-779-4900. We are here to provide the emergency services you need 24/7.